Tuesday, August 5, 2014

WOOHOO one year ago today....

WOOHOO one year ago today i came to this beautiful amazing country!!!!
i remember it like it was just yesterday!!! i have seen lots of
changes in myself and ready for another good 5 months to grow like
never before!!!!
today is pday because we got to go to the temple!!!!!! its heaven on
earth!!!!! i learn so much there every time i go! our Heavenly Father
created such a beautiful world for us to live! we have good and bad
experiences here but they are all for our good! and how grateful i am
that our father always had planned on a savior coming to help us
return back to him!!!

so This week was sooooooooooo much better!!!! Heavenly Father really
blessed us this week with lots of appointments and teaching
opportunities with our friends! Sister Smith and i knew that bigger
miracles would come and they did! We just needed to learn a lesson
first on patience. I love President monsons words "When the pathway of
life takes a cruel turn, there is the temptation to ask the question
�gWhy me?�h At times there appears to be no light at the end of the
tunnel, no sunrise to end the night�fs darkness. We feel encompassed
by the disappointment of shattered dreams and the despair of vanished
hopes. We feel abandoned, heartbroken, alone. We are inclined to view
our own personal misfortunes through the distorted prism of pessimism.
We become impatient for a solution to our problems, forgetting that
frequently the heavenly virtue of patience is required."
As dramatic as that sounds, its how i felt hahah. But this week has
completely changed that! and i am the most grateful person in the
whole world!!! Heavenly Father is so good to me!! Tuesday we were able
to meet with our investigator Yuko who had stopped taking the lessons.
We went to lunch with her and a member. We had a great time all
together, rebuilding our relationship. She decided she wants to do the
lessons again!!!!!!!!!! Probably one of the biggest miracles!!!
although she says she could never join a church with so many rules,
she still wants to meet. She has interest. She has some kind of
desire! we are going to help build her faith! i could not be more
after the lesson, the member who went with us kind of kidnapped us for
the rest of the afternoon.. haha! shes having a hard time with her
family and just needed some girl time. I love her to pieces! members
are my favorite!!! all so kind, and willing to serve! i cant wait to
be a normal one again!!! hahaha!
wednesday morning with met with a crazy lady! oh she is so funny! she
just sits there and laughs and laughs. which makes it hard to
understand anything shes saying. so that makes her laugh more! she
kept hitting me on the arm. i have bruises.. but we gave her a Book of
Mormon!!! she emails us like every second! she really just wants
friends! i like her! this is going to be fun! then we had a lesson
with fuchie. she normally meets us for english and half church lesson
but this time she said just church!!!! so cool!!!! so we used our new
pamphlets from salt lake and taught about the godhead. she loved it
all and believes in everything! but thats also kind of the problem,
she believes in EVERYTHING. alll the gods.... hahahah? but shes great
and is so sincere!
At eikaiwa we had a pot luck party so more of the members came to our
eikaiwa. It was so helpful!!! one of them talked to our friend natalia
from russia. she had expressed desire in wanting to come to church
before but because of conflicting schedules hasnt been able to come.
well i went up to talk with them and natalia looks at me and says "so
what should i wear for sunday?" !!!!!!!! i dont know what this member
said to her, but shes coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the power of member
missionary work is real!!!! i am so thankful!!!!
Sister Smith and I had been visiting a lady who owns a restaurant and
loves having us young foreigners in her restaurant. every time we see
her she expresses some kind of interest, always asking us what we did
at church, and what not but every time we invite her she says shes
busy. So we invited the elders to come with us this week because there
are quite a few "regulars" at her restaurant who are men. Our wards
big sunday challenge is next week and with the help of the elders we
were able to invite her whole restaurant to church!!!! and our friend
said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a miracle!!!!!!!! shes scared to go
alone but other friends from the restaurant will go with her so she is
coming!!!!!! teaching has been a little tricky with her, so i know
that church is exactly what she needs! our ward has so much dendo
fire, shes going to make the greatest of friends!

so all of my investigators really like sports. so this week we did
lots of sports!!!! im dying! so out of shape! thursday we played
frisbee with chiaki who came to church last week! friday we played
ping pong and yuiko came! saturday was basketball with risa! and
monday was soccer with risa and chiaki!!!! after every activity we end
up sitting on the ground having a lesson! its the funnest thing ever!
we all kind of star gazed and talked about our father who lives in
heaven. It may seem like a far place but we all felt him closer than
ever! i love all the friends that i have in this area!!! there is so
much potential and so many great things happening!!! this is Gods work
and he is in charge! i am so grateful to be a tool in his hands!

Another cool miracle for this week (there really were just soooooooooo
many) was saturdays basketball activity. we went with two of our
eikaiwa students. one of the students is the other sisters
investigator. she has been to church just once and they are trying to
teach her. so after basketball, sister hall pulls out the Book of
Mormon. then our friend that we invited (but haven't talked too much
yet about the gospel) looks at the book and says "i have one of
those!!" what?!?!?! we were shocked!!!! this girl is in her early 20s
and is absolutely crazy! i love her!!! but just so surprised that she
already has a Book of Mormon. so we all sat down in the middle of the
court and had a lesson. we read a verse from jacob on love. the
sisters investigator said she was struggling with loving her family
right now. it was the sweetest thing to see my friend, get more
serious and comfort this other girl. she put her arm around her like
they had been friends for a long time. the sisters all bore testimony
of families. Of course no family is perfect. of course we all get into
fights even with the people we love. but we can find strength, help,
and can borrow the saviors love for our family members. we had them
watch a mormon message on being a daughter of god. we are part of a
heavenly family. we have worth! i loved watching my friend as she
watched this video. just shaking her head in agreement the whole time!
it was quite the miracle!!!! my prior judgements of her were
completely wrong. she is so prepared. The gospel is for everyone!

sorry this email is so scrambled! there is just so much goodness
happening in our area! its taken a while, but we are teaching more and
hopefully helping our friends come unto christ! sister smith and i
changed our attitudes and decided to make the best of each situation.
we are much happier and Heavenly Father is with us each step of the

sister christensen

Monday, July 28, 2014

Woahhh July 27,2014

Konnichiwa Family and Friends!!!

Well this was one of those weeks that maybe in like 50 years i will be
grateful for. Heavenly Father is really trying sister smith and I's
faith this week.

But it definitely started out good! Last Monday after emailing we had
a dinner appointment at a members house! She has been recently
struggling with her testimony so we planned to talk about the
atonement with her! Dinner was way fun! She taught us how to make
tempura and lots of other fried foods! It was great! And then we
watched the because of Him video with her. She loved it! And just
wanted to watch it again and again! We had a great discussion on how
the atonement isn't just for people with big sins or bad people. But
it's for good people to become even better! Our very natures can be
changed through the love and grace of our savior Jesus Christ!
Everyone just needs to know that their is an escape. There is relief.
And hope through our Christ! It strengthened my testimony to see this
sweet sister come to feel her saviors help and love for her! It
clicked again!!

Tuesday we had two lunch appointments! And both of them made spaghetti
for us.. Hahah! We are good on the spaghetti for a while. We first met
with a couple in our ward. I absolutely love hearing the conversion
stories of members! And japanese people are so amazing because really
almost all of them are converts. They were all so prepared! And
looking back on their lives they see that Gods hand really was there
the whole time! Such pure testimonies! I want to find some more of
Then we went to Nishiyamas restaurant. She place closed for lunch
after we finished and she said we needed to get in her car and go
shopping! Hahaha! Shes the cutest! She took us to a recycle shop,
filled our baskets and payed for everything!! We were like what just
happened... She really likes us! Her interest in the gospel still
isn't very strong but she said she wants to be our friends forever!!
She will get there! Just little by little!
After we played soccer with our eikaiwa students in the million degree
weather. Not kidding the heat is unreal!!!! So humid! You walk outside
and are drenched in something.. A mix of sweat and whatever humidity
is.. Everyone else's sweat maybe? Hahahah! But soccer was fun! I have
a huge bruise on my leg though. It's been a while...
After we went to endos english class to help. This time we didn't talk
about the gospel. Were just trying to focus on building good
friendships with her and her students! We all had a great time!

wednesday we got to do visiting teaching with a member! that was so
fun! and the members always spoil us missionaries! they bought me
peanut butter!!!! score!!!! after we went to the church and were there
all day long. sister smith was a graphic designer before the mission
and so the ward asked her to make special flyers for our big sunday
challege! we are trying to get the ward more involved in missionary
work so we made a goal in two weeks to have 50 friends at chuch on
sunday!!! can we do it?? YES WE CAN!!! so sister smith made way legit
flyers for members to pass out to their friends!!! were so pumped! we
are uniting our faith and prayers with the members to see this big
miracle!! showing The Lord that He can trust his members!
then we had eikaiwa! i posted the picture on facebook but i made two
new really good friends! one was an investigator before! she is only
in high school but loves the church! we are excited to start teaching

thursday we had zone meeting which was amazing! i wish i had time to
write down all i learned but.. it was good and im always just pumped
to be a missionary!!!

friday was rough. first went to nishiyamas! i love my japanese
grandma! she remembered that we told her we wanted to watch a video
with her so she reminded us and we all watched Heavenly Father earthly
father! its amazing by the way please go watch it! she was impressed
that the church makes such great videos! we testified of families and
us all being part of gods family! still not sure that its clicking for
her but she loves us so we will keep working hard for her! friday
night we were supposed to have an appointment with a new friend at the
church making dinner and join our wards ping pong activity after. Well
that afternoon she cancelled. i shouldnt have gotten so upset but i
did. We dont have many people that we are teaching and no one has come
to church since i got here. its heart breaking. we are working hard
but nno success. Trying not to get too down, we tried to find someone
else to join us, but everyone was busy. I couldn't help but cry. I
know Heavenly Father wants me to learn something valuable but the
amount of time thats its taking is taking everything out of me. Sister
smith and i just joked that we want to find someone who wants to be
our friend, and someone who doesn't have a job so that they would have
time for us! Well we went to the eki to street and find. We managed to
clear a whole bench! No one wanted to talk to us.. We felt like we
were trying so hard! But no success. So we started a mitsukutaikai.
After a while, the miracle happened. A lady walks in front of me and
says "friend" she tried to keep speaking to me in english but couldn't
find the words. She switched to japanese and told me that she wants to
be my friend!!!!!!! I almost got teary eyed! And then she said that
because she doesn't have a job, shes got loads of time!!!! I couldn't
believe my ears!!! Exactly what we had hoped for!!! It was just too
good! We made an appointment to meet on Monday! I went to sleep quite
happy that night! With much gratitude in my heart that Heavenly Father
hears our secret prayers. He knows the desires of our hearts. I know
I'm not the best missionary but i think he sees how desperately i want
to become a good missionary so he allowed me this blessing! It was a
great testimony builder to me of my previous question. Does Heavenly
Father hear my prayers? He answered me loud and clear!

saturday was still a little hard too. Although we had a good lesson
with Mayumi about the Book of Mormon. she is still not sure if she
wants to take the lessons but she said she has a friend who is
christian and just adores this friend! shes being prepared and she
doesnt even know it! it was a way good lesson and i was able to share
my experinece from the day before that God answers our prayers!
after that again we had nothing to do so we did some major follow up
to try to get someone to church. we called everyone in the phone but
everyone was busy. with 20 minutes still to go in the night we went
outside to go talk to people on the street. 4 minutes left and we were
determined to teach a lesson and invite one more person to church. we
ran to the outside of a grocery store and stopped a lady on her way
in. She was super kind! She said she had been to a church before and
was surprised to hear that we have a church close by. We handed her a
orange flyer and asked her if she had thought about any of these
questions. She said yes because her parents have passed away. She
wondered what is happening to them. So i testified of the power of
Jesus Christ to heal our families. That through him we can live again
and be with our families for ever! I asked her what she thought of
that and she said it sounds so good! we invited her to church and she
said she will come when she can! Heavenly Father is constantly testing
my faith! but im grateful for it!

sunday morning sister smith and i were not looking forward to church.
To be honest i was looking for a way to get out of it. the thought of
another sunday sitting without an investigator was just too sad. But i
decided to change my attitude and be happy. Well, again Heavenly
Father heard my prayers and the pleadings of my heart. Right before
the meeting started, an eikaiwa student walked in, came up to me and
said "im here! i love the missionaries!" ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i
almost broke down in tears right then and there. The members were
wonderful and we were able to make an appointment with her for this
week! i have never been so happy!! boy do i have many things to be
grateful for! i am so grateful for the hard times that make the
miracles seem even more sweet! i know God hears my prayers!! i have
felt myself grow a lot this last week. My faith was tried more than
ever but Heavenly Father was there the whole time. I am so thankful!!!

the trials at the time seemed great but the miracles that followed
were even greater! i am grateful for trials and hard times! God gives
them to us so that we can grow and become stronger! the miracles
continue to come! sunday night while at a members house, an old
investigator called and happened to know and love the member we were
with! we ended up teaching a lesson over the phone with the member!!!
so cool! and none was coincidence! God is so aware of all of his
children! of this i know to be true!! i love this gospel!!! and i love
bring a missionary!!!

Christensen shimai

Going going gone! July 20,2014

I really don't know where to even begin! Sister smith and i had a
great week! Lots of new friends and great miracles! There is still not
ever an easy day so there have been lots of lessons learned as well.
Even though they may not be the lessons or experiences i would wish to
have, I am realizing that Heavenly Father is giving them to me so that
I can learn, grow, and be able to return to live with Him again. This
week i learned (well still learning a lot) about patience. Something i
have never been very good at.

Last pday after emails a member picked us up for lunch and some
shopping! Shes a sweet heart and just needs someone to listen. We have
a great relationship with her and were able to help her most by just
listening. At the end of the day she asked if we would hang out with
her every day! Hahah! Then we went with the other sisters to a cool
waterfall! We took a train and a bus and then hiked though the
mountains to find it! It was beautiful! Water is such a temptation.. I
had to fight everything inside of me to not just go jumping inside the
cool water!

Tuesday we visited our friend who owns her own restaurant. Nishiyama
san is the sweetest! She was mad when we bought her treats last time
so today we decided to make her something instead. We made her
chocolate popcorn and a card which she loved! We asked if she would
come to church with us this week and she said she would think about
it. It's going to take a few more visits with treats to convince her
hahahah! Then we decided to visit a member. We stopped by just to say
hello and share a scripture with her but she welcomed us in her house.
And thank heavens because it was the hottest day ever! Our little
visit turned into quite the long lesson. She recently hasn't had much
desire to come to church because there are just too many hard things
in her life. She shared with us though that the happiest shes ever
felt was when she was studying and praying about the atonement! But
she said she has forgotten everything she learned. So we scheduled an
appointment for next week to study the atonement with her! And big
surprise, she came to church on Sunday!! She looked so happy! The
members did too! Later that night we went to endo san's english class
with the elders. Shes the one who was an investigator for 5 years, had
a church calling, and everything! She loves the church but something
must have happened because she also doesn't really like the church
hahahah.. But she lets us come to her class and help her teach. She
told us in the class she would give us 10 minutes to talk about
whatever we wanted! We didn't want to preach at her students so we
tried a question and answer thing. All the students asked basic things
about our lives like how long weve been in japan but Endo was the one
who brought up interesting gospel doctrine. Shes a very smart lady..
We all felt like we were fighting to save our lives! But it was cool
to hear all the missionaries bear testimony of the things we KNOW to
be true. Although we were all in an im comfortable situation we were
still able to feel the spirit, and i know Endo did too! There is
nothing i love more than sharing my testimony with people! I had no
idea what i would say before hand but the spirit always guides and the
words just come out! And Heavenly Father softens the hearts of all
those around and we all feel his love together. I am a happy girl when
I get the chance to testify! I think this week we will tell her its
nice that she gives us the chance to share the gospel but we should
just stick to english. If her students have interest they can talk to
us separately.

Wednesday we met our new friend Fuchie san for lunch. We met her last
week right outside our apartment and we have plans to meet with her
every week until forever hahah! She really wants to learn english and
also is interested in the church. She is the cutest thing! She cant
hardly speak any english but she tries so dang hard its adorable!
Then we had eikaiwa! Greatest thing ever... We were able to make an
appointment with Yuko!! we are going to lunch with she and a member
next week! I am so happy! i love this lady so much! so sad when she
wanted to take a break but she wants to meet again!! so happy!!! and
our new russian friend came to eikaiwa! we met her on the street last
week and she just showed up! i had been meaning to call her all day
but never got around to it so i was shocked to see her walk in the
door! so happy!!!! she said she loves christianity and would love to
come to church with us!! this is the start of a beautiful friendship!!

Thursday we went to an eikaiwa students house. As in house i mean
buddhist temple.. her house is a temple. that was fun!!! shes amazing
though! she taught us some japanese calligraphy and let us use her
blow dart gun!! hahaha! dangerous in my hands? yes! but i was pretty
good :) she took us to lunch and we talked about families. she said
that japanese are very different from americans. I had just told her
that i love my family and all i wanted was a big hug from my mom! she
said japanese people would never say that! they love their families of
course but dont express it as much. Well ill tell everyone in the
whole world just how much i love my family! no one has a better one
than me!!! i love them i love them i love them!!!!!

Friday we visited another member who is struggling a little bit. We
had lunch at her house and shared a lesson with her on the joy of the
gospel! She just started crying. All this time shes just needed
someone to come to her and tell her that she is loved. And boy did we
feel love for her! we love her and heavenly father does too! it was so
apparent in that lesson! it was such a tender moment to be with this
sweet daughter of god who remembered her worth! i am so blessed to be
surrounded by wonderful people! god loves all of his children, always
and forever!!
that night we had ping pong at the church! one of endos english
students came!! shes so cute! a college student who is basically
fluent! the turn up was great! there were at least 20 people for ping
pong!!! such a fun night with investigators!!!

Saturday we had an appointment scheduled with our friends from brazil.
Sister smith and i both had the best personal study and we were both
so filled with the spirit! we both just knew that this lesson with
them was going to be a special one! i dont know why but the spirit
just told us! well we get to the church and wait, and wait, and wait.
our friends did not show up. What??? like i said, im learning about
patience this week. Why we felt so ready for this lesson to not have
them even show up? i still dont know. but i trust in my Heavenly
Fathers timing in all things. i will keep waiting in patience to see
what he has in store. we ended up going to two different summer
festivals! our russian friend natalia called and said she would meet
us there in 5 minutes! hahaha! so we rushed to the street and walked
all through the festival with her! we love her! she wants us to come
to her house sometime soon so we can talk!! then we hurried off to
meet another friend at a different festival! when we got to their
house they asked us if we would like to wear their summer
kimonos??!!!! of course!!!!! so they dressed us all up with shoes and
everything! we went with their family all 6 of us dressed up! so
fun!!! this family are former investigators and we are not sure what
happened or why they stopped but they love us!!! we are excited to
start the lessons again soon!!!

sunday sadly we did not have any investigators at church. we have lots
of friends and so many people with so much potential but no one is
there just quite yet. but i am willing to do whatever it takes to help
my friends feel gods love and help them know that there is no better
place to feel loved then at the church!! im tired of not having
investigators at church so we are going to change that!!

today we had lunch with our older group of friends! this meaning our
group of 7 all over the age of 75!!! hahah! they are so funny! not
much interest in the church, mostly just interest in foreigners..
hahaha! but one of them, Nishiyama, we are trying to work eith and are
meeting tomorrow! so praying that that goes well!!!

so thats the week! sorry its all over the place but sometimes thats
kind of how things are hahahah! it was wonderful though! i am so happy
to be here! even when its hard and im really not so happy... there is
always something about the gospel, or being a missionary that brings
joy to my heart! i love these people! they are my best friends! i want
to help them in any way that i can! i want to help them return home to
their Heavenly Father!! i know this church is true! so grateful for
the blessings i have received from it!

love you!!!
sister christensen

Im MELTING July 13,2014

oh my heavens it is ridiculously hot!!! thats all i can think about
right now because we sister smith and i are currently outside a 7/11
using their wifi in the killer sun! usually we go to the church to
email but today we dont have enough time to go there. So we decided to
torture ourselves. yup this was a mistake! hahahaha! lesson learned! i
love japan of course but i dont know how the japanese people survive
in the summer. i guess they dont mind but a constant stream of sweat
is not my thing!

anyways enough complaining. Oh we had such a good week!!! Things are
really picking up around here! So much potential in our beautiful

Monday was the greatest! we decided to go visit a member and do some
housing in their area. We get to the house though and no one was home.
we walked just a few steps when we hear a little voice from behind us.
We were so shocked to see little Aren kun who is the absolute cutest
boy in the entire world! He is a different members little boy. only 3
or 4 years old but he was just hanging out on his back patio by him
self. He didnt seem shocked to see us like we were to see him haha! he
just asks us what are you doing? haha! he runs inside and tells his
family the missionaries are here! and so we get invited inside! We
walk into the family room and there sitting on the couch is the member
we were  first trying to visit!! sasayama shimai is the mother of
furukawa shimai and they are next door neighbors!! hahah!! so cute!!!!
Mom, when i get home, i am never leaving your side! that will be just
like us! neighbors forever!! so that worked out just perfectly! we got
to visit with the family and shared a scripture in helamen 3: 24-26.
Thousands of people were brought unto baptism and the whole church
rejoiced! All of the members were blessed with happiness and
prosperity! We talked about how the bishop just blessed the area for
members and missionaries! Why cant 1000 people be brought into the
sakado ward? Lets do it! challenge accepted! hahah! We came hoping to
build some fire in the members and it worked! Sister Furukawa said "ok
lets go visit my friend right now!" woohoo! if only it were like this
everyday!! So we met Yoshioka san and invited her to bring her kids to
kids engllish class and invited her to church on sunday. Member
missionary work is so the way to go! they already have someone who
loves them and wants to help them along in their pathway to eternal
life! we know we will see great miracles ahead with Yoshioka san!!

Tuesday we had companion exchanges! I got to work with sister Brumly,
a missionary that i worked with for like one hour only my very first
transfer! my how we have both changed! hahah! I still dont really know
what im doing but its nice to see that there has been some progress!
hahaha! we were on our way to the station when we stopped a lady on
the way. She was an older lady and was quite happy to talk. We sat
there and listened to her for about half an hour. To be honest im
really not sure what she was talking about.. it seems like old people
are using some other completely different language! hahah! We say a
few things and they think we are fluent?? i wish! hahah! it was fun
though and she wrote down her number and address and asked us to come
visit! So 9 transfers into my mission and i still have no idea whats
going on but Heavenly Father fills in all the gaps and we see
That night we switched back and sister Smith and i went to go visit a
former investigator. Endo san. Where to even begin with this lady..
She was an ivestigator for 5 years! she came to church every sunday
and even had a calling!! she loves the church and loves the Book of
Mormon but she doesnt want to join any religion. She is a way sweet
lady and invited us to come to her english class. The elders went last
week and again this week with us. They said that she sometimes has
little comments that are little against the church maybe but shes a
great missionary! in the middle of class she says to me that we need
to begin and end her class in prayer. and then she turned the time
over to the missionaries for a little Q&A hahah! we were able to give
all of her students Books of Mormon!! so great!!! we are going back
probably every week! hopefully to be able to strengthen her testimony
and make more friends with her students!!

Wednesday we went and did a sister missionary work meaning we took
little candies and presents to a few of our investigators :) Our New
friend Nishiyama san loved them!! and invited us to come eat at her
restaurant the next day!
And a huge miracle was that Yuko came to eikaiwa that night! shes the
one who wanted a little break but at least she came to eikaiwa! i know
im still in this area because i need to fix things with her. She
really means a lot to me.

so thursday we went to lunch at nishiyamas place! japanese food. its
good just too much of it is not so good.. shes amazing though! its her
restaurant and shes the only worker so she goes to the store every
single day and makes all of the food herself! she is such a hard
worker! Her place is so cute though! i think she only invites us over
because she likes having young people in her store. All the regulars
(which we have become great friends with by now hahah) are old ladies
and grandpas! and they all call her momma! hahah! its true though she
takes such good care of everybody! but i think she needs someone to
take care of her! "come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and i will
give thee rest" definitely one of my favorite scriptures from the
mission! shes progressing though! slowly, but surely! she read from
the Book of Mormon! we asked her to read ether 12 on faith. So we
shared parts that we liked and testified of Christs power that if we
exercise faith in him we can do all things. she agreed and wants to
keep reading!

friday we get another email from her saying "your coming to me shop
today so would you rather have hamburger or fish" hahaha! oh i love
this woman! so we went again for lunch! this time we talked about
forever families and temples! japanese people are always so shocked
when we show them pictures of the ones in japan! she said she would
like to go inside one day! Our Heavenly Father would like nothing
As we were walking out of our apartment for the day, a lady was just
staring at us so we said hello. she seemed surprised but happy! we
seem to surprise/scare people everytime we talk to some. japanese
people just dont really do that hahah! we tell this lady that we are
church volunteers and she goes "i want to go where is your church?"
golden!!!!!! we gave her our church flyer but then she saw that we
teach english as well and got more interested in that.. haha. she says
"ok teach me everyweek english" so we have appointments with her every
wednesday! she was so happy so she took us to a little bakery and
bought us a million different cakes! she is something else!!
That night we were out housing but just not seeing any success. One
lady told us to go home.. But we kept going praying to be able to talk
to at least one person! we began walking back to our bikes. i told my
companion we needed to try one last house. Well nothing there either.
But as we walked away from that house, the neighbor just pulled up on
her bike. We stopped and talked with her. And she knew exactly who we
were! she said shes even been to church before!!! we were shocked!!
she said she liked our meetings but was busy so didnt have time to go
to church. But she said we could come back anytime and if shes home we
can talk with her!!! it was a big miracle for us!!! So grateful that
Heavenly Father gave us both the strength to endure and then allowed
us to see miracles! He always does!

saturdays kids english class was so fun!! we have 5 families coming
and they all bring their friends! its the nosiest place ever but the
kids are so cute and their moms really want them to learn english! but
its a great opportunity to get to know the moms too! we are hoping to
start the lessons with a few of them!! yayy families!!! families are
we had lunch with a girl i met while passing out english flyers. She
is the quietest person alive! it was so awkward!!! hahaha! not sure
that she has any interest other than being friends with foreigners
haha! we get that a lot.. yes were a pretty cool people but we also
have a pretty cool message that more people need to listen too!!!
after, the street where we live was having a festival! its their
annual summer festival! kids in cute little yukatas which are summer
kimonos! we talked to a ton of people! but the coolest was a lady from
russia!! she came up to us first! she thought we were maybe russian??/
hahaha! she doesnt really speak english but wants to learn as well! so
we talked in japanese! i think all the japanese people were amazed!
hahah! three foreigners speaking japanese to each other? wierd.
Natalia is such an angel though! so excited to get to know her more!

So being on facebook is such a weird thing. Still not exactly sure how
i feel about it. But i see how its such a great tool because this week
i was able to get in contact with all my previous investigators from
former areas!! sweet bliss! i love and miss them all so much! im so
happy that now i can continue to help them and excited for the
miracles that will follow!!

i am just so grateful for families!! how i miss mine terribly but am
comforted by the promise that my Heavenly Father is watching over
them. There is no other experience like a mission in the world! i am
so happy to have this time to serve my Heavenly Father and represent
my savior! i am a witness that he lives! he loves us! and only through
him can we be with our families forever!

love you all! thanks for all the love and support!
SIster Christensen